Is Your Malpractice
Insurance Company Working for You?


Our strength is in our people and the unique relationship they have with our customer, the insured. Our commitment to Customer Service is unsurpassed in our industry. We are changing the way Physicians think about purchasing medical malpractice insurance; all you have to do is ask one of our current members. The Healthcare Providers Insurance Exchange’s approach fosters an environment of patient safety, quality of care and trust. Our qualitative underwriting philosophy and careful, customized solutions for Physicians set us apart from our competitors.


Our primary focus is to partner with our members, to both manage their claims and reduce their risk. We do not disrupt this relationship simply because a member has reported an adverse outcome or been involved in a claim. We listen to the feedback from our Physicians and implement changes as needed. We seek to attract Physicians who are proactive and willing to participate in programs to reduce risk.


We encourage you to learn more about our company and our unique partnership approach - one in which you are not just part of a company but part of a vast network of experts in their respective fields. If you are interested in learning more, please request a reference from one of our member Physicians by contacting one of the individuals listed in the about us management team tab of this web site.


Download HPIX Business Associate Agreement